AMRAP in 30min @ STEADY pace of:
10/7 cals Bike
20m KB Mixed Rack Overhead Carry (per side)
10/7 cals Ski-Erg
15sec Archer Ring Row Hold (per side)
10/7 cals Row
10 Bench Dips 30X0 (loaded with DB between legs)
Run 200m
5/5 Staggered Stance KB/DB Deadlifts @ heavy


Technique in HSPU (kipping)

Extra work gymnastics strength
5 rounds of:
3 weighted pull ups
3 weighted dips
30 sec strict HSPU w/ 5 sec dowm

(The 350sec hspu means do reps for 30 sec straight if you can’t do strict
up do kipping or kick down and go back up )


7min ON / 2min OFF:
1: Ski, Row, Assault Bike or Bike
8/8 Bulgarian Split Squats (DB Hanging)
8 Seated DB Shoulder Press
8 Double DB Rows
8 DB Benchpress
3: Ski, Row, Assault Bike or Bike
10 BB Floor Wipers
20 Crunches
10 BB Sit ups
20 One Leged V-Ups

Focus on device:
MAX cals